Top 5 Insights from 2013 – #GrowingGood

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Before we wander too far into 2014, we wanted to revisit our top 5 posts from the year we just left behind. In case you missed it the first time around, here’s what we were talking about in 2013. Stay tuned for more #GrowingGood discussions, coming soon!


#1 Using Content to Compete? Here’s Your Strategy!

There is a lot of content out there. Tons of competition. It’s the freeway at rush hour. It’s the line outside Walmart on Black Friday. It’s your neighborhood pool on Memorial Day weekend.  In a word, it’s crowded.

If you are currently trying to improve your content marketing efforts, or are starting from scratch, here’s your winning strategy!


#2. Creating the Committed Consumer


We’ve all heard a lot about conscious consumerism, but that’s not enough. It’s time to vote even more powerfully with our wallets. Our most recent contribution to Fast Company tackles social enterprise’s next big mission: Creating the Committed Consumer.


#3: Social Enterprises Must Move Beyond Purpose

Once upon a time, it was easy for a social enterprise to stand out and get noticed. Early entrants to the space were rewarded handsomely with attention and accolades because of their higher calling and charitable business models. But if you’re a social business trying to differentiate in today’s marketplace, purpose is no longer a golden ticket.


#4: Why Fast, Cheap, and Easy Design Is Killing Your Nonprofit’s Brand

Technology is fueling a democratization of design, giving ordinary people the power to create with speed and ease. That’s not all good news. Especially among nonprofits.


#5: How to Craft a Compelling Story


Storytelling is a powerful way to share your brand, spread your messages and achieve your objectives. Unfortunately, telling an effective story is a tall order. Storytelling is both art and science. It requires commitment and effort. And it’s really easy to get it wrong.

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