Put Your Pet on the Naughty List

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Let the rePURPOSE experiment begin. Good.Must.Grow. asks you to put your pet on the naughty list this year. And be amazed by the difference you make.

As American consumers, we have great power in the palm of our hands. Our pocketbooks. We can positively change the world. And we don’t always have to spend more to do it.

Good.Must.Grow. is on the lookout for creative ways we can rePURPOSE money we’re already spending for collective impact that benefits the greater good.

Our first social experiment for America? Putting your pet on the naughty list this holiday season.

I’m a pet owner, and yes I consider our pup and our bearded dragon part of the official family unit. But as animal lovers, our family is also keenly aware of the global needs related to humane treatment of animals, endangered species, etc.

<<< Rolo, we love you, but you’re on the naughty list. Told you to stop using the kids as chew toys!

THE ASSIGNMENT IS SIMPLE: Instead of buying your beloved pet a Christmas present this year, direct that money toward a worthy cause. If pet owners across the country unite, the impact will be massive.  Consider this:

More than $1.4 billion is spent in the U.S. each year on Christmas gifts for pets. Here’s the math, based on our research:

112 million households in the U.S.

57% own either a dog or cat – 63,840,000

51% will buy a holiday gift for family pet – 32,558,400

$46 is the average money spent on a pet gift

Equaling $1,497,686,400

 Just think of the impact we’d create if all pet owners made a donation to an animal-friendly nonprofit on their pet’s behalf instead of spending that $46 on a pet gift. We could save 1,000s of animals from cruelty. Maybe even save a species of animal from extinction. The possibilities are endless.

And all it would take is a small sacrifice that your pet probably won’t even notice. Think about it. I’m sure you can come up with a semi-legitimate reason for Spot to be on Santa’s naughty list. Like a chewed up piece of furniture. One too many accidents on the carpet. Late night barking outbursts.

So, are you up for it? If so, there are two simple steps.

1. Sign the petition so we know you’re with us. Two options:

Care2.com: http://tinyurl.com/awzqrhb

Change.org: http://tinyurl.com/cw33d4a

Make sure to share the petition with other pet owners in your social network as well.

2. Donate the amount you were planning to spend on your pet to a worthy cause. There are countless causes to choose from, but here are some popular, well-respected organizations:

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - www.aspca.org

The World Wildlife Fund - www.worldwildlife.org

The Humane Society - www.humanesociety.org

Will you help us spread the word and create a meaningful impact?

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About the rePURPOSE Campaign

The rePURPOSE Campaign rallies Americans to creatively redirect spending in ways that promote the greater good.  Through these simple financial swaps, we can have a collective impact on pressing societal issues, without putting more pressure on our pocketbooks. rePURPOSE is sponsored by Good.Must.Grow., a socially responsible marketing agency and partner to good companies and causes everywhere.

Programming note: This is an independent campaign conducted solely by Good.Must.Grow. We have not received financial compensation or other benefit from the charities mentioned in this article. 


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