Is Your Organization Boring?

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Most people don’t really want to be boring. But some people are. You might be one of them. You might be aware of this, but just not sure how to change it. Or you might have no idea. Hint: If people avoid you, dose off during conversation, or continuously scan the room for someone else to talk to you WHILE you’re talking, you might have an issue.

Most organizations don’t set out to be boring either. Yet, way too many companies and causes have proven to be experts at doing just that. They have boring messaging. Boring products. Boring customer experiences. Boring cultures. Some are aware. Some are not. If you feel like your organization might not be all that interesting, proceed to the checklist below and see if any of the proverbial shoes fit.

( ) You do what you’ve always done. Nothing puts people to sleep like outdated traditions and people who say things like “no need to reinvent the wheel”. Just because you’ve done it a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean that’s the answer for the present. In many cases, it’s not.

( ) You do what everyone else is doing. If you’re trying to keep up with your competitors and play the “me too” game, the best you can hope for is to be lumped in with them. No one will clearly understand your value. You’ll be one more face in a crowd, and not much more.

( ) You do what everyone expects you to do. Just because you are a certain type of organization or cause doesn’t mean you have to follow the normal path. People will stereotype you in an instant, and the moment you prove them right, they will lose interest. Been there, done that.

( ) You do what the experts tell you to do. Yes, you should pay attention to best practices, but robotically following expert advice on the best way to do everything will leech the personality right out of your organization. Sometimes you have to break the rules to be seen and heard.

So, what’s the verdict? Is your organization boring? If so, never fear. There’s hope. As a first step, check out our whitepaper below for ideas on how you can stand out by being different.


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