GOOD JOB: 5-Extra Years

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I recently stumbled upon a video called “5 Extra Years” and was very impressed. I like the video for several reasons, including the fact that it showcases how to make people feel something, how to tell a story, how to build intrigue, how to keep someone watching till the very end, how to entertain and how to effectively move viewers into action.

I also think it is a great example of the power of a good idea. Even though this is the product of a gigantic, global brand – Nike – this piece did not require a $5 gazillion budget. The concept itself is what’s powerful and moving. Yes the cinematography is beautiful, and it’s obviously a well done production. But the story, and the way it was scripted, is what makes the video compelling. As a student of story, I am a big fan. And as a kicker, this video speaks to a real problem in our society, so it’s that much easier to endorse as a best practice.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

About the Good Job Series

Occasionally, we’ll share great examples of creativity that hopefully will inspire you. These “good jobs” will typically be applicable for social enterprises, nonprofits and wellness types. In some cases, we’ll showcase a great idea that could easily translate, even if the subject matter at hand has no relevance to your particular situation. And most importantly, we’ll focus on projects that can be replicated or learned from, even if you’re on a moderate budget. We’re looking more for brilliant execution of a good idea, not just slick productions made on a Hollywood line of credit. That being said, every once in a while some super expensive projects can spark cost efficient creativity as well.


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